Ways to Become Rich – Making Life Bend to Your Objective

“We succeed only as we identify in life, or in war, or in anything else, a single overriding objective, and make all other considerations bend to that one objective.” – Eisenhower

Some time ago a mentor of mine (actually it was Mr.Byron Nelson who I later featured in The Multi-Million Dollar Mindset put a book in my hand called The Power of Focus.

That book was life-changing for me in that it made very plain and clear the same principle that Eisenhower is quoted above as haven spoken at some point in his life. In network marketing companies, they typically teach you to write down and become one with “Your Why” whenever you first get started.

The truth is that “The Why” is something that you need no matter what business model you are in. You must have one compelling dream or goal to focus on that you will create into a reality as a result of your wealth-building journey.

You will find that when you are able to devote a laser-like focus to hone particular thing, the universe has a way of literally “bending” to that one thing in order to help you make happen.

Although in reality, the Universe doesn’t bend at all. Bending to suit your wishes just isn’t its job. What creates REALLY the magic and power out of focus is your own tenacity and willingness to be more agile and flexible when your path is challenged with obstacles and/or set backs.

If you want to become a huge success in business, find something that is incredibly compelling to you and focus on it. Your enthusiasm and resolve will put you in the proper frame of mind so that whatever happens along the way will be nothing more than a brief detour or even stepping stone that you will overcome in order to make it to your destination.

Lawrence Cole is the creator of The Multi-Million Dollar Mindset. The Multi-Million Dollar Mindset shows you how to discover ways to become rich, how to start a business, and how to join
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