Slave or Master of Money?

In today’s world, many things need to be done if we must cope with the demands of living. Times have changed and everything that is needed to make life easier for us cost a lot of money.

For example, money is needed to do the simplest things such as making our hair, washing our clothes, caring for our children, feeding our families and so on. The expensive things such as traveling abroad for one or two weeks holiday, driving the best cars, flying in first class airplanes, and so on are exclusively the preserve of the rich. No matter how low you may want to live, you need a lot of money to survive in today’s world.

In view of the above assertion, many people have turned themselves to slaves of money. The need to make money through hard work has made many people work from morning till night, some are doing more than two different jobs everyday in other to increase their earnings. This may be good to start with, especially when you are still young, but careful planning must be in place that will make you a master of money. It is not a good arrangement to work perpetually for money, the better arrangement is to set the stage for money to begin to work for you to make more money. When the stage is set, your money becomes your slave and start working for you to make more money. As more money is made by your slaves (money), you recruit more slave (money) to work for you, earning much more in the process.

How do turn you money to become your instant slave to commence a comprehensive work of making money for you? It is nothing difficult, all you need to do is to first start to invest in businesses that are sure to produce good dividends over a period of time. Such investment must be carefully planned, ask questions from those who knows. Please do your home work before any amount of money is invested in any business deal.

There are a lot of such investment opportunities both online and offline, it is your responsibility to discover the one that best soothe your need and time. Whichever one you decide on must be started immediately, so that your slave can begin to earn you money immediately turning you from being a slave of money to a master of money within a few months or years time.

Pastor Adenuga is the Senior pastor of Success Dimension Church Ibadan, he is a man with the passion to help people all around the world to become the best they were created to be in life. Get motivated by him through his articles by visiting or you can get your own copy of the forex brilliance or robot at his website at

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