How Great Is Your Investment & Is It Enough?

How heavily invested are you in your life and home business and what is your level of commitment?

This might sound like a pretty obvious and silly question BUT unless you are heavily invested emotionally, physically and financially you will struggle to succeed. Why?

Well, until you invest all your emotions, feelings and efforts into any project you are not fully engaged in making it a success. Just consider your relationships, hobbies and friendships. If your energy and emotions are not fully engaged then the results will not be as successful, fulfilling or rewarding as they could be.

Most people just cruise along in a comfort zone. They might wish they had more or better but that wish alone is not enough to spur them into action to change. As humans we get comfortable where we are at and moving out of this zone is something that can make most feel ‘uncomfortable’. We naturally pull back from moving out of our comfort zones and generally prefer the life and routine where things happen with a certain routine and predictability. When we do push ourselves our subconcious is screaming STOP stay here it’s ok it’s safe!

As we continue to push through the tension increases as does the level of discomfort, so do you throw in the towel or do you dig in your heels and become even more determined to move forwards? Entrepreneurs have the mindset that there is far more to be lost in not pushing these boundaries and in doing so they open themselves up to periods of huge growth. Entrepreneurs are willing to challenge themselves and to push their boundaries to the limits and beyond so that each time they do this they are redefined. They do not settle for being just ‘comfortable’ they know they are capable of more and accept and welcome the feelings of discomfort as a necessary part of growth. That’s not to say that this is an easy process because once you have stretched yourself way out of your comfort zone there can be an overwhelming desire to slide back to where you were. This is why this process is the one that separates the successful from the unsuccessful and by committing to change and following this commitment with massive action no matter what we will succeed. The level of financial commitment in a home based business will also determine your level of financial success providing of course that you have the other essential elements of good education, training, mentor and proven business model in place. Remember, there are none of the usual expenses such as rent, insurance, staff and inventory in a home based business so running costs are low once the initial start up has been paid. Profitability can be as high as 80% so it makes good business sense to be positioned as high as possible so that you can take full advantage of the compensation plan. This is the point where the feelings of financial discomfort begin to show. If positioning yourself at the top is a financial stretch just remember, the higher your level of ‘discomfort’ the higher your propensity for growth (both financial and personal). There is nothing quite like the prospect of financial failure or impending poverty to kick you up the ass and make you all the more determined to succeed. By pushing forwards through the pain and discomfort we reach a ‘snap’ point just like an elastic band reaching full stretch. This point is the make or break point that will sort out the ‘winner’ from the ‘losers’. Some will allow the recoil to bring them back to where they were and some will stretch it just that tiny bit further until it snaps. The ‘snap’ point is that moment when we realise all the pain, hardship and effort was worth it and we know that we can and will do it again. It is where we come out at the other side with totally redefined boundaries. We are a different stronger and more aware person than we were when we were cruising along in comfort zone. This characteristic is what makes entrepreneurs different, they constantly stretch and redefine their boundaries to new levels. Each time this happens their boundaries are redefined to new levels as they constantly make the seemingly impossible possible. Then they begin all over again because their new view and level begins bit by bit to stretch all over again.

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