Your Beliefs About Money

Your beliefs about money stem from early in your life by what you see and experience around you.  Things your parents said about money, what teachers said, and your own early experiences around money.

It’s really not your fault. But, once you know this, it’s your responsibility to change and reprogram your thinking and belief system. You owe it to yourself. Here’s a major test – think back as far as you can to your earliest memories about money. What springs to mind? What was the situation?

What did you hear said about money? What were the messages you received about money? How did you ‘feel’? What you believe about Money is how you see the world and you can determine the experiences you have with it. Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, your beliefs around money will result in what you experience.

Your beliefs may ‘feel’ true and real for you, but it’s not necessarily the truth or fact in reality.

Here’s another test – If money is not showing up, it’s a reflection of what’s going on in your ‘inner’ world – how you see yourself, your own self worth. It means you need to do some work on your ‘inner’ world.

If You Don’t Go Within, You Go Without…

Money is a great teacher and an insightful coach about YOU – if you will listen closely and learn, and use the experience to shift yourself in your relationship with money.

There are many erroneous beliefs about money – one of them being:

There’s Not Enough For All Of Us

This belief is based in the ‘scarcity’ mentality or ‘poverty’ consciousness. Resources are scarce and in limited supply, and you have to scramble over each other in ‘dog-eat-dog’ fashion and compete to get those limited resources.

The truth is that money is just energy, an exchange for value.

If you make the mental shift that money is limitless, that it can be invented, created and generated on demand, in line with the value you provide, it will open up all sorts of possibilities. So it’s only your beliefs, imagination and creativity that limit you.

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Author and Business Mentor on Finance

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