Liar, Liar, Obama Pants on Fire

Google “Bush lies” and you get less than 3 million links.

Google “Obama lies” and you get some 30 million links. What does that tell us? Nothing, and everything, about the nature and veracity of President Barack Hussein Obama.

Thirty million sources for information on the inaccuracies, distortions, misstatements, and outright, bald-faced prevarications could simply reflect the level of prevailing antipathy toward our forty-fourth president. Three million for Bush could just mean people are bored with George W.

Or it could mean Barack Obama in his brief public career has lied ten times more than George W. Bush. I imagine the lying truth about Obama is somewhere in between.

That would still suggest he has been caught in lies to the American people in the course of twelve years and five months as Illinois state senator, U.S. Senator, and President at least five times more often than Bush over his sixteen years as Texas governor and president.

That, of course, is a gross over-simplification and, obviously, not a scientific conclusion due to a number of variables, not the least of which is that boredom, the existing level of Obamian dislike and distrust, and the fact the current chief executive has published two books to Bush’s none.

It’s far easier to pinpoint lies on the printed page than it is to cull un-truths from speeches and statements over the course of years. Then, again, it was easy enough for bloggers and others to blabber their inanities about “Bush lies,” without ever backing up that slander.

Nevertheless, 30 million or 15 million are prodigious numbers and a fair indicator that where there are smoke, and mirrors, there very well could be substance.

Various websites have catalogued and enumerated what could easily be gathered into another lengthy book. Maybe title it, The Audacity of Lies or Lying Dreams from My Father, My Prevaricating Mentor.

Included among those sites is one which numbers 158 whoppers but, in fairness to Obama, a few might be stretches although the author stopped counting a month ago:

I wouldn’t exactly term #131, Obama claimed employers are more likely to be struck by lightning than be prosecuted for employing illegals; Gov stats prove he’s lying, a lie. It’s more akin to stupid exagerration, as is #117, When Obama ran for US Senate his web site claimed “5 years as a community organizer”; he admits it was only 3 years.

Most are much more serious and obvious lies, such as #125, Obama’s Spanish language ad lies about McCain’s position on immigration; tries to stir race-war: lies debunked by ABC, numbers 26 and 11 on Tony Rezko influences, #4 on his lack of awareness of Rev. Wright’s statements about 9/11, and numbers 2 and 3 on his daddy’s goat herding and Muslim faith.

To its credit, that 158-whopper website excludes Obamian flipflops on policy positions and witless gaffes such as his still-height-of-stupidity claim to have campaigned all 57 states. Also to its credit, it documents each and every lie and how and by whom it was exposed.

As a fellow member of a jury said when a burglar’s trial was done and we entered the deliberations room, “Let’s just forget the facts and the law and show some empathy for this guy,” okay, should we show some empathy for Obama despite his record of maiming, twisting, and distorting truth?

I think not.

Just as we, his fellow jurors, turned on and ripped into the nitwit juror who wanted to ignore the facts and the law, should we give this president a pass and overlook his inclination to ignore and trample truth?

Again, I think not and just as we other 11 jurors delicately informed Mr. Nitwit that he was a nitwit and eventually reached a verdict of guilty for the burglar, Barack Obama should be advised that Americans are on to him.

He should be found very guilty of a much greater crime: persistently and unashamedly lying to the American people.

Certainly, he can appeal, but only on the condition that he, finally, tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

That will be a major challenge for Obama even if the truth shall set him free and America free of him.

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