How To Feel Great Every Day

It is possible to wake up feeling GREAT almost every day. Self awareness and self love are the keys. We have to be aware of what we need to feel great and we have to love ourselves enough to give it to ourselves.

All of us have needs beyond the basics of food, water, and shelter. We have needs for family, intimacy, supportive friends, rest, recreation, excellent health, prosperity, a peaceful home, and work that we love. . . to name just a few!

As children, may of us were given the message that our needs weren’t important. We were taught to give up our needs for others. We’ve been conditioned and trained from an early age to override our needs. Now it is sometimes difficult to really know what we need and how we feel in any given moment.

No matter what happened in the past, we can learn to listen to our own needs now. We can learn to love ourselves so much that we give ourselves everything we need to feel ecstatic about being alive.

It is even possible to feel enthusiastic about going to work every day! If you don’t look forward to being at work, ask yourself this question: Do I deserve to have a job that I love? You might have an immediate reaction with all the reasons why you can’t have a job you love.

You might need a coach to help you get over the resistance and develop an action plan to lead you step by step towards creating meaningful and inspiring work. A coach is a professional who is trained to assist you to be the very best you can be and create the most satisfying life possible.

A good coach will encourage you to take time off each week for rejuvenating. Without regular time off to refuel, you can get drained, and possibly ill. It is difficult to feel passionate about life when you are sick or under stress.

Some of us live with ongoing stress. We get so used to it that we even perpetuate it through ignorance and an addiction to being stressed. We overbook ourselves, create our own pressure deadlines, and have poor boundaries around saying “NO” to people and activities that are draining.

It is important to take care of our physical bodies. If we eat well and get a good night’s sleep, we can wake up each day feeling fantastic! If we don’t, there is something wrong. Notice if you have simply accepted a baseline of depression or fatigue.

One of the major causes of feeling depleted is eating foods that are energy draining. There is a way to become aware of what foods drain your vitality. Keep a log of the foods you eat for meals and snacks each day with notes on how you feel after eating them.

Sometimes the foods you eat will affect your energy level the next day. After you eat chocolate cheesecake for dessert, notice how you feel when you wake up the next morning! It is not worth 10 minutes of pleasurable eating to feel badly for 48 hours. We are going for feeling good every day and recognizing what brings us down.

Experiment! Try going to bed earlier. . . try watching only the TV programs that enrich your life and help you feel better. Your feelings will guide you if you tune in to what they are telling you.

Everyone needs time weekly to rest and have fun. working more than forty or fifty hours a week is abusive to ourselves. Sometimes we need to work hard for a period of time, but look at the scope of your life and your work patterns.

Sometimes overworking is about avoiding your feelings or avoiding people. Perhaps there is an underlying negative belief that says you can’t rest until the work is all done, or that you don’t deserve to have fun. Or maybe you are simply settling for stress and pain because it is familiar.

You can wake up every day feeling excited about the day. It takes the desire to feel good, and the discipline to discover where you are losing energy. Ask yourself, “Am I willing to do what it takes to feel great every day?” Then notice any ways you sabotage your good intentions.

In order to feel happy about being alive, we need to build our reserves of energy, health, time, and wealth. If you become more aware of the things that drain your power and resources, and commit to making the necessary changes, you will launch yourself into a whole new vibrant life!

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