Years of Reorganization – 2009 – 2012

2009 – 2012 will be years of great reorganizing and restructuring. This reorganization will apply to individuals, households and businesses. Individuals will re-examine the things in their lives deemed necessary and those now labeled “luxuries.” Households will work together to eliminate waste, share in the overhead, and cut back on all less-than-necessary items. Businesses will be forced to deliver products their customers actually want, re-examine their quality, cut their costs without sacrificing product integrity, and sell at competitive prices.

This reorganization of society and business will be all-encompassing. Nobody will escape. Some will accept the need to reorganize without question and deliberately work toward a goal or purpose. They will purposely, with deliberate intention, aim their resources toward a specific goal. Others will become the “lurkers” who choose to stand by in silent desperation while the new society forms around them.

What causes some people to be workers and others lurkers? The answer is the application, or non-application, of information or knowledge. The sheer volume of information also plays into the picture. People have so many choices and so much information coming at them that they many times seem overwhelmed. Not only is there an overabundance of information sources, but a myriad of avenues by which to receive all this information. What complicates matters is that all of this information is filtered and spun by the time it’s received. Biased by government mandate, political skew, and network slant, the same information gets reported different ways depending on the news source. To test this, listen to the same news story reported by different sources domestically and internationally. Same news story, different interpretation and delivery.

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