Tips to Get Your Intuition to Signal You by Noticing What You Notice

Do you notice what’s getting your attention, visually, mentally and emotionally? Or do you tend to let the intuitions, thoughts and feelings just pass by?

Ways your intuition will use experiences and opportunities to get your attention and send you messages all the time, if you just pay attention to what you notice.


My dog woke me up in the middle of the night to go outside unusually and I took him out. On the way back upstairs, I noticed my boyfriend’s phone which was charging. It caught my attention. I decided to pick it up and bring it upstairs. Sure enough…the phone rang at 6:00 am, unusually, for an urgent work matter.
He asked me why I brought him the phone. I said, “I don’t know. I just noticed it and so brought it.” That’s how it works. Notice, then act, and later you may find out why.


A couple days ago, I was driving my son to get something at a store and I pulled into a gas station. Don’t know why, I just did. I thought, “Hmmm. Do I need gas? I have a quarter tank, plenty to get to DC and back tonight.” I didn’t feel like stopping and went on to the store.
At 2:30 am that night, as I sat on the side of the road out of gas (briefly, fortunately, because I always seem to get kind help whenever I need it), I remembered the signal I got and ignored earlier in the day. Oops. Turns out my gas tank meter needs fixing, and my intuition knew! It didn’t seem logical at the time, but it did made sense.


At the retreat I was teaching I noticed I got very excited talking about a company I used to work for. I’m going to connect with them again and explore what might be there for me.

Tips for your intuition to signal you through what you notice

Your subconscious mind is picking up millions of signals in every moment…the feeling of the chair against your back, the temperature of the room, all the things at your desk, every magazine you walk by in the grocery store, etc., but consciously you only tune into some things. Just ask your intuition to notice what you need, keep you safe, bring you resources, answer questions you have, find you a new job, whatever….Then just pay attention to what you notice, especially if it gets your attention multiple times. Give your first thoughts extra consideration before you reason them away. The rational explanation may show up later.

Call that person you’ve been thinking of so much lately. Who knows?
Pick up that book you’ve heard about 3 times this week and sounded intriguing.
Think of a question with your eyes closed then open your eyes and see what you notice first. Can it give you a signal to the answer? (It can. Just let it come.)
Notice a strong emotional response to something (positive or negative), and know it is a signal to experience, avoid or learn. If there’s a pattern, then definitely pay attention.
Notice smells, taste, visuals, sounds, temperature, everything around you…just for practice being observant and sensory…and for fun. Six sensory people use ALL of their senses.

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