Obama Vs. Bush Position on Environment – What Should We Expect Going Forward?

Take of Government on Global Warming- What is in store?

Environment, rather global warming to be precise, has become the burning issue of the present time, round the globe. With global warming causing serious consequences, authorities all over the world have stirred to fix this grave danger hovering on mankind. But political system often hinders this path. In US, Bush has treated global warning with indifference and discouragingly. However, Obama’s stand on global warming, as of now, looks promising to the people of America, and to the world.

Obama’s take on admitting the threats of global warming does not only make him sound serious but also eager to solve it. From these strategies it is evident that he is thinking beyond the obvious, unlike the indifference of his predecessors. He supports ‘clean coal’ and use of ethanol obtained from corn, another alternative source of energy in US that promises to hinder the rise of global warming.

Though none of these policies are fool proof and perfect, still it is encouraging to see the authority addressing the issue of global warming with importance. No wonder, environmentalists are happy to see Obama taking serious stance on emission of gases triggering global warming and use of renewable energy. This provides a ray of hope to fight global warming.

The take of immediate former President George W Bush on global warming is quite discouraging by that standard. He denied to accept the posing threat on environment and called global warming a hoax. He had even refused to sign on Kyoto Protocol, according to which production and use of greenhouse gases causing global warming should be reduced. Refusing to sign on it left common Americans in a disturbed state. However, there are experts who believed that global warming alarm was indeed a hoax and Bush had cooled it down.

Positive aspect of these takes and policies on global warming is that scientists are happy with the focus of Obama. He signed a memorandum requiring Environment Protection Act to revise the rules set for auto emission as well as fuel efficiency. To resist the problem of global warming, he also considers utilizing other alternative energy sources like geothermal, solar, water etc.

Global warming is a humungous threat posed on earth and if not handled within time and with proper strategies, mankind will be left with a huge survival crisis. Rise in sea level, flooded coastline, escalated numbers of asthma patients, extinction of flora and fauna are all consequences of global warming. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

What global warming has left for us in future is uncertain, but we are aware of the outcome. When maps from Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory and National Center for Atmospheric Research were studied, a definite environment trends were found. The concentration of carbon dioxide proves that the greenhouse effect will increase resulting in yet more global warming. This concentration will be more on poles, so more rise in sea levels is on cards. Both the maps also show that concentration of carbon dioxide is more likely to be on lands than on ocean.

Development in the field of technology is taking its toll on environment in form of global warming. In order to solve this pertinent problem, extensive measures needed to be taken. The delay made during Bush era needs to be compensated with quick actions by the present President. Thankfully, measures have started to be taken in form of strict rules and signing memorandums. And it is expected the files on global warming threats that were shelved for a long time will get the attention of government now.

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