The Real Secret To Success

It is truly miraculous how the human brain works. When a person looks back and reflects on life and past experiences, there are always certain memories that stand out more than the rest. I have had a lot of good times and am lucky that my good times have been more frequent than the troubled times.

Yet, even in the good times, my brain’s memory function seems to be selective on the foremost memories. I have been fortunate enough to have traveled the world and been to some very exciting places. In 2001, my wife and I went to Ireland and we had an absolutely wonderful time. If pressed, I could tell you a bunch of stories about that trip, places we visited, people we met, and the Guinness we drank.

However, when I think about our wonderful trip to Ireland only certain selective memories come into my mind.

Same goes for a family trip we took to Cancun in 2005 and got stuck in Hurricane Wilma. We were scheduled to fly out of Mexico on a Friday, but had to go into a shelter on Thursday night and ended up staying in a shelter for three days. Three days is a considerable amount of time to spend staring at the walls with hundreds of other people sweating and not enough bathroom space to go around. Yet, even with the shelter drama, only certain memories come to the front of my mind unless pressed further.

Well, here is a memory that stands out in my mind from my early 20′s. A couple friends and I were sitting around having a couple beers and throwing around different ideas. I can’t remember how the topic came up, but the theme went on for hours. We were talking about how awesome it would be if we put on a TV. show and did stupid stunts. We talked about jumping off moving trains, walking through pits of vipers, skateboarding down crazy steep streets, etc…

Years after my buddies and I had our ‘idea session’ a show came out on cable that had people doing nothing other than stupid stunts. The show was wildly popular and even resulted in spin-offs and a few motion pictures that did very well at the box office and in DVD rentals and sales.

What did my buddies and I lack that those who came later didn’t?


Ideas are truly meaningless and not worth a penny. Allow me to rephrase that, ideas are only worth their ‘weight’ if they are followed by Action.

The world is full of people with fantastic ideas. Imagine the guy who looked up at the night sky and thought; “wouldn’t it be a great idea for us to visit the moon” or the guy who looked at a loaf of bread and thought “just think if I didn’t have to cut the bread to make a sandwich.”


While these ideas might be extreme, or even common place makes no difference. The facts are these are ideas that without action are just ideas.

You can have dreams of what you want to accomplish or maybe you have some great ideas that would change the world. However, without ACTION you got nothing.

Mindset is important and I don’t want to discount that for a minute. But, a great ‘I can’ attitude without ACTION is nothing.

You can attract people to you till your lips turn blue, but without Action….you don’t have a barrel to stand on.

So, here you have it… the greatest secrets to success…………TAKE ACTION!!!!

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