The Great Economic Recovery Deception

We, the American people are supposed to be in debt. That’s how the system works, right? If you’re listening closely, that’s what they’re saying. Politicians are sprinting wide eyed and panting to banks with billions and possibly trillions of “Taxpayer” dollars, OUR dollars. Why? Because if they give the banks our money, we will be benefited. Huh? Forgive me but I don’t remember a time in history when any bank was looking out for my benefit. Hasn’t it always been a trade off, sort of like; After being carefully scrutinized, I go into debt and pay interest on money that they loan me while they invest and prosper from money I loan them by opening a bank account? Yeah that’s it; they’ve never given a darn about me. So what would make anyone imagine that now, in the toughest economy since the great depression, banks can be given enough money to benefit me? Won’t that benefit will be the gift of allowing me to go deeper in debt to them?

The real estate industry helped pull the plug on the economy by giving us toxic loans, Wall street is enriching execs with bailout money, banks are buying businesses and enriching execs with bailout money, so what’s really going on? Well, the truth is that it is our money, taxpayer money being thrown around like confetti and it’s being thrown to everyone but us. That’s because the politicians either believe or think that we believe the money will pass responsibly through benevolent hands until all of our lives and finances are repaired. NOT EVEN CLOSE!!! How about this; the tossed money is intended to hold billion dollar businesses over until we resume borrowing our way to the American dream which is of course; a few pretty things and a lot of debt. “But the repairing of our deteriorated roads and bridges will create millions of jobs!!!!” For construction workers and highway engineers, what about the rest of us? Is the fog lifting yet?

Now let’s flip the coin; let’s imagine for a moment that our money is handed to us. I know it’s crazy but just for a moment from somewhere deep in bizarro world, lets just imagine that the taxpayers; we whose money they hold, money deducted from our checks, was actually handed to us in the form of economic stimulus checks in amounts that matter, say somewhere between ohhhh twelve and fifty thousand dollars each. On the day the checks were distributed, what would happen? Well, spending in the country would resume, savings would resume, home buying would resume, the businesses we frequent would again prosper, demand for goods would return and all would be well, right? Well not for everyone. Now that we’ve learn frugality, some businesses would either have to make changes or be left out but that’s the way the cookie crumbles right?

Looking at both sides of the economic recovery issue, which strategy will directly impact the American people and start the economy rolling again, not in three years or two years or one year but immediately? The answer is so simple; it’s our money, stop throwing it at the crooks that landed us in this pickle in the first place. They’ll only scam more as they’re proving on a daily basis. It was never the mission of industry to benefit us. The goal has always been to profit right? To create products that we choose to trade our money for; pretty things that make us smile, pretty things that we’re willing to go into debt for.

It comes down to the old chicken or the egg thing; does strong industry prop up the people and thereby the economy or when the people prosper, do they prop up industry by demanding products and services? That is where the entire existing bail out paradigm is falling flat on its economic face. There is an attempt to go any direction other than to give our money to us, anything but bail out the American people. Send the money around the people and after a few tougher years than those we’ve already experienced, the crumbs will trickle into the hands of the people in the form of debt. That’s the pill being shoved down your throat. It’s truly amazing that we the people have been abused for so long that now everyone including most of us, agree that it’s the norm.

We as Americans, protest over everything from unfair jury decisions to laws we don’t agree with, people we want thrown out of office, you name it, we yell. So why aren’t you yelling. Isn’t now the time to put our voices together and say, “Stop handing our money to every crook in town, if you want to give it away, give it to us.”

He whose name we do not speak gave us $1200 each, something small and forgotten but in truth it was something enormous and historically significant. The government actually handed us some of our money so that we would spend it. Well that works! Now let’s try it again only this time with more than a crumb. Let’s do it with gusto. We’ll go spend it, pay off debt, put money down on houses, start businesses and jump start the economy from day one, we promise! We’ll even spend so much in our new found confidence that we’ll go back into debt and help the banks get back on track; some of us in just a few months and some of us immediately but the economic damage that took eight years to perfect will be repaired in one week. The country will be in celebration and we will all be able to sleep just as soundly as the bank execs that bought businesses and gave each other billions of bonuses with our money so far. Are your eyes open yet? If so, get together and scream about it. Let’s shift this paradigm, it’s what we do.

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