The Bitter Truths About Sugar

Symbol of love, tenderness, reconciliation, and rewards for kids all around the world, the refined sugar seems to have some very bitter truths, that we don’t always remember when we “sweeten” our lives with this chemical food obtained from the sugar cane or European beet. Known since the ancient times is attributed to the Persians the first chemical process to refine sugar cane to produce a solid product that in the beginning was sold and used for medicinal purposes.

It was known in those times as “Indian salt” or “khanda” and our English word “candy” is derived from that Sanskrit term. Then and through various cultures and different names this product is worldwide known as sugar. I think that any country could spend some time consuming alternative cereals, but I just can not imagine the United States or Europe living a month without refined sugar. Imagine what would be a week without sugar in the coffee, no desserts, ice cream or chocolate?. I believe that governments would have a good job calming the angry citizens. Refined sugar is a totally devitalized food, which provides us only empty calories, with no suitable nutrients for the human body. This artificial food, has previously gone through a chemical process that includes lime, carbon dioxide, calcium sulfate and sulfuric acid to give it that “irresistible taste and whiteness”.

I believe that with alcohol is undoubtedly our more pernicious consumption, since there are not proteins, vitamins or essential nutrients in their composition.  Although it use is so ingrained in our civilization, could be a good idea to reduce their intake to a minimum because it is not longer discussed in scientific circles, that refined sugar has in the long term adverse effects on human health, including overweight, premature aging, diabetes, fatigue, problems in the formation of muscle mass, osteoporosis, dental disease and gum. Of course I’m not talking about depriving us of a dessert or an ice cream, but it is not disputed that this sweet additive has some bitter and hidden effects on the human physiology.

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