How to Set Powerful Goals

First of all, you want to really know what powerful goals are. A powerful goal is one that gets you motivated and can change your life in the process. Something like going back to school because you really want to be a teacher can be a powerful goal. Wanting to learn how to build a business so that you can have your own financial future in your hands can be a powerful goal.

The more powerful a goal is, the more we will be naturally excited at the merer thought of achieving it. We won’t need to have constant reminders of why we are pursuing this particular goal, we will know this just by the feeling that we get when we can mentally see it being accomplished.


Every goal has the potential to be a life changing thing. Losing 20 pounds of excess fat now can lead to a healthier life and a longer life longevity for you and you will get to experience more and more things in your life. Running your own business may help you to get rich. Or you may be able to employ a family member who is in desperate need of a job and therefore be changing their life as well.

You must set powerful goals if you want your life to change. You must make sure that the mere thought of actually attaining this particular goals gets you so excited, you feel like a kid again. Or that it makes you feel like you are on top of the world!

Don’t you want to feel this way?

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