Cremate Hate in 2008 – Burn Those Evil Thoughts

Why do we have all this hate in the World? Well, some say it’s a reflection and a mirror of who we are as a species. It has been created and caused by us, but before you condemn yourself or your fellow man remember that if it is our fault for all the hate, then it is also our good nature that provides all the love.

Unfortunately, we often see the hate and it gets reported in the mass media far more than all the good things and all the love. Have you ever considered all the different types of unnecessary hate in the world?

Have you ever wondered why people of one race hate another or what one culture or religion has hated another for 10 generations or more? Well, let us consider this for a moment.

First, we are all related to each other, that is to say we are all descendants of the same folks, we share genes. So, if you hate someone of another religion, political persuasion, culture or religion then in reality you actually hate a piece of yourself.

Indeed you can deny this all you want or give any rational you think relevant, but denial is just close mindedness as to the reality. You share genes, so if you hate another, you hate a part of yourself. So, I have this piece of advice for you today.

Look in your mirror and tell me what piece of yourself do you hate? Next, try to cut it out and tell me how that feels, it hurts doesn’t it. So, let me ask you something; why do you hate yourself so much? Make peace from within and all will be well again.

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