Where is Your Third Eye?

The third eye is considered to be one of the many gateways into the future. Many individuals believe that the third eye is one that can grant numerous powers to a human being. The two physical eyes show us the world we live in. However, the third eye or the mind’s eye (as it is often called) can sometimes reveal insight into the future.

The concept of the third eye exists in both eastern and western spiritual lore. Also referred to as the inner eye, the third eye is supposed to be situated in the ajna chakra. It is almost like a gateway to the realm of the super conscious. The inner eye leads us to the higher realms where the mysteries of existence can be solved. When we say that our third eye has been opened, we refer to a state of higher enlightenment that has been reached. Those who have strange and inexplicable experiences like clairvoyance, precognition or any other kind of experience are those who have learnt to see with their inner eye. Those who perfect the art of looking with the third eye are known as seers.

The third eye can be used to its full potential by concentrating on third eye meditation, which is known as ‘Trataka’. Trataka can be used to awaken the Aagya chakra located between your eyebrows.

There are seven chakras in our body. The kundalini, or the energy field, gradually moves upward towards the Sahasrara chakra or the last chakra. Moving the kundalini upwards requires many years of dedicated meditation. Once the energy reaches and unites with the last chakra, you are able to get super consciousness.

Is There Really A Third Eye?

Although there is no real proof that the third eye exists, those who actually seek true enlightenment have reportedly felt something between their eyebrows. It serves as a stimulating point for numerous individuals who tread on the path of attaining spiritual wisdom.

Third eye meditation means that you concentrate on the point between your eyebrows for a long time.

It is believed that the third eye is associated with the pineal gland, which French philosopher Descartes defines as the ‘seat of the soul’. It is said that the pineal gland is dormant and can be made active through third eye meditation. So meditation comes across as the only way in which you can take a glimpse into the world of the higher consciousness. The third eye is considered to be an organ that is a part of the energy body. You can see different layers or dimensions of the soul after successfully opening the third eye. Here by soul, I mean the memoirs of the light or the energy that lies deep buried within us which may include recollection of the past happening or a foresight to the future.

Therefore, the third eye can very well be considered as the entrance to the dimensionality of time and space. It is believed that many people have experienced amazing incidents by opening their third eye.

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