As, In and Ex

There once was a sage holding council in a small village. He was taking questions from the discussion participants. A man by the name of As asked the first question. As wanted to know what to do with his life so his life would have meaning in the world.

Before the sage could respond, a second question was fired off by a lady named In. In wanted to discover how she could motivate others to do great things with their lives.

Once again, before the sage could answer, another question was asked by the oldest man in the village, whose name was Ex. “I can’t seem to stop thinking about death and dyeing; what advice do you have for me, Sir?” he asked.

The sage sat quietly, pondering the three questions put to him. Finally he spoke, “There is a connection between these three questions. The three of you are the answer to each other’s question. Mr. As, Lady In, and the oldest village member, Ex are the beginning of each person’s contribution.” As, In and Ex could only look at one another with a mixture of wonder and confusion. As spoke up and asked the sage for further clarification.

“It is quite simple, you see,” said the sage. “To answer your question Mr. As, ‘What to do with my life,’ I say you need to rephrase the question to say, ‘what do I want to as-pire to be? And Lady In, regarding your question about how to motivate others, I say rephrase your question to how can I in-spire others to greatness. And to Ex, I say rephrase the question to say; what do I need to do before I ex-pire.”

They all reflected upon what the sage had said and Lady In commented that his wisdom had been quite helpful and accurate, too, it seemed. “But, Sir, I don’t understand how we are the answer to each other’s questions, as you put it.”

The sage responded with a smile, “The secret answer to all three questions is this-Aspire to Inspire before you Expire.”

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