Fidel Castro – Almost a 50-Year Run as Dictator of Cuba

Fidel Castro has been a thorn in the side of the United States for nearly 5-decades, one of our nearest neighbors, a communist country. Many citizens of Cuba, have fled to freedom to find sanctuary in the United States, and who could blame them? Fidel Castro took over the Cuban government in a revolution and he promised to give the country back to the people, but when the dust had settled, Fidel Castro, gave the country to himself.

This should come as no surprise and certainly this is not the first time in history it has happened. Unfortunately, his rule lasted 50-years, people had been born, lived their natural lives under Fidel Castro, and never knew true freedom, even though it was only 80 miles away. Some took that fateful journey and fled to the US. Most of those Cuban-Americans would certainly like to see Cuba turned into a Democracy.

We need a free Cuba, and those in Cuba deserve to control their own destinies and enjoy liberty and freedom, just like any country. The US should move now to give Cuba back to the people, then open up free-trade, tourism and create win-win partnerships. All this could take place in a very short amount of time with the right will power and leadership with the strength of character to make it so.

Imagine what we could do for Cuba right now. So close, so simple and such a wonderful gift, that we could bring to give that nation back to those who long to be free, desire liberty and deserve a better quality of life; folks the time is now, its time to put Fidel Castro into the history books and continue our mission for the betterment of humankind. Think on this for a moment please, we owe it to our neighbors who have waited oh so long.

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