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My fellow Americans, I am happy to call you my countrymen and women. I am happy to be a citizen of the United States of America. This is the greatest country on earth and even of all time. We have established ourselves as leaders in thought, progress, freedom, and hope. Indeed, these are the key ingredients that make us who we are. I know that people think that all America cares about is money, but without those key ingredients, tell me what person would even have a chance at creating wealth.

And it’s not all about money. Sure money gives you options to do many different things, but it’s only paper. What matters in this country is our determination to be what we want to be. We are living examples of faith, will power, and persistence. We have a deep history that is filled with periods of darkness but what country doesn’t? We haven’t done everything perfect but who has?

That is what is so great about the USA. We are a country established by the people, for the people, for as long as the people deem that this system of government is suitable to our needs. How special is that?! We take it for granted but that is ultimate freedom.

So when I hear people speak of their displeasure with politics, it’s very understandable. Sure things have been ugly lately and even corrupt at times. But when people say that they just don’t care what politicians do, then that is more threatening than any terrorist organization or economic recession could ever be. If we lose our will to hold our leaders responsible, then we lose our freedom. We become puppets to the will of a few. This indeed is far worse than any nuclear damage to our nation.

How could I make such a claim? It’s easy. What happens when we no longer care about what our leaders do? I have no answer. Nobody knows. We become totally subjective to their whims and desires. At that point, we are no longer the United States of America. Instead, we become a disgrace to our fore-fathers and a disgrace to the concept of Democracy.

Politics is more than a November election. The political process should be a by-product of an on-going debate between citizens of this great nation. We need to discuss the state of our educational system instead of allowing an elected leader to pass a bill with a friendly title that does nothing for our children. We need to question the amount of power we want to give the government in managing our personal lives. These are extremely important issues that if left to the whims of politicians, can have a very negative impact on our freedom and quality of life.

There are a countless amount of issues that should be debated amongst the people. After all, your ideas and thoughts are just as relevant as the next American’s. Your ideology and beliefs should be considered in relation to the next man. So voice your opinions. Organize your churches, your schools, and your families. Take hold of the institutions close to you and begin to make a change there.

This country has political leaders, but we seriously lack patriotic leadership. This is the leadership that gives a man power to fight for civil rights with no public office. This is the leadership shown when I mother takes her children to a museum to reinforce morality and appreciation of the “other”. This is the leadership that frees slaves, and gives rights to all American citizens. This is the leadership that empowers a group of men to come together during a time of war and unite to establish this great country. This is a part of your history America. This is your heritage.

We are not a people of fear. We are not a people of apathy. We are a people or hope, thought, prosperity, and love for the fellow man. Know what it means to be an American and know what is means to care about politics. It’s not about giving “them” the power, it’s about empowering America and trusting them to represent our beliefs. Don’t lose sight of that America. Each and everyone of us is great, no matter our background or current circumstance. That’s what it means to be an America.

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