One of the Biggest Reasons People Fail to Become Wealthy is Because of a Lack of Knowledge and Skill

I want you to sit down in your chair and read this article because it explains the dynamics of becoming wealthy. As stated in the title, one of the biggest reasons people fail to become wealthy is because they lack knowledge and skill.

What do I mean by this? If you do not have the knowledge and skill it takes to understand money making opportunities, you will not become wealthy. Case in point, while growing up in rural North Carolina, both of my parents worked at the same tobacco factory.

My parents did not earn a lot of money working for a tobacco company, however they were smart people and started a small family grocery store. The fact my parents had the courage to start their own business was revolutionary for the times because they did not have a lot of money.

Interesting when you think about it because my parents worked for the same tobacco company for 28 and 27 years respectively. Their family grocery store operated for over 20 years up until their retirement.

My foundational blueprint for entrepreneurship began at the tender young age of 10. My father wanted me in the family business and I became the stock boy, in other words I had to stock the shelves with all kinds of canned goods, sodas, cheese, ice cream, cigarettes, and just about anything large grocery stores sold.

Over time I learned how to manage the cash register and work with a variety of vendors who we purchased products from. Not bad for a kid learning the ropes.

I acquired entrepreneurial knowledge and skills which is probably why I majored in business while attending in college. To help you understand my journey, my wealth building training began at the tender age of 10 as well.

By the time I graduated from high school and attended college, I was well aware of business and how to create wealth. Unfortunately college teaches you how to learn, not how to generate wealth.

I learned how to generate wealth by investing in seminars and training from millionaires, participating in mastermind groups and by reading books. I learned how to invest in real estate, stocks and bonds, obtain government grants, build corporate credit, and establish a not for profit 501 (c)(3) that train children and youth to become financially literate.

So how do you become wealthy? Acquire specialized knowledge and skills through lifelong learning and take the all important action step because the combination results in wealth creation.

I would not be wealthy today were it not for my ability to understand real estate investing. Mind you I paid too much for my first investment property, but through specialized knowledge I learned how to hire a good property management company to find tenants to put in my property for over 18 years.

The tenants paid off my mortgage for me and I own the properties free and clear. All of my success is the result of knowledge and skill.

Today I own Pinnacle Real Estate Investments LLC, investment properties and is a philanthropist. My parents would be proud of me because they are the two people most responsible for my success in life.

Were it not for the vision and trust my parents placed in me to managed their business, i would not have been as successful. I highly recommend you acquire knowledge and skills to secure wealth in your lifetime.

As Founder and CEO of the Wealth Building Academy, i want you to know I will be hosting a “Real Estate Boot Camp” on December 1-2, 2007 in Maryland. I am collaborating with two other real estate experts to teach people how to make $20k to $30k per month, part time, in their own backyard.

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Obtain government grants to purchase real estate
Asset protection
Partnering to purchase apartments
Lease options
Short sales

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People attending my real estate boot camp will acquire knowledge and skills to help them become financially independent. What are you waiting for, sign up today!

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Paul Lawrence Vann is Founder and CEO of the Wealth Building Academy. His company helps people learn how to make more money, save more money, and understand success principles leading to living a higher quality of life. Wealth Building Academy staff delivers real estate boot camps, seminars, training, coaching, and information products. [], [], [], (866) 337-2026.

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