Do You Try To Do Things – Or Do You DO Things?

One of the most common used words in the English language is “try.”

• You are going to “try” to get better grades in school.

• You are going to “try” to sell more.

• You are going to “try” to be a better parent.

• You are going to “try” to learn more about whatever it is you want to learn.

• You are going to “try” to make more money.

Try used to have the connotation that you were going to really try. Somehow though, “try” has turned into the most overused word that is really just a synonym for procrastination. It has become such an overused and redundant “fake action” word, that I believe it has become a crutch for people.

The funny thing about “try” is that when people say it, they actually at that moment believe they really will “try.” But, in the quick pace of everyday life your “try” disappears into a cloud of “I wish I would have’s.”

Can you recall any recent statements that you made at work, home, for personal growth, your goals, or any other aspect of your life that began with “I’ll try?”

What happened?

The cure for ‘try” is “DO.”

The simple two word phrase “I’ll do,” is powerful, especially when said out loud. That little phrase carries a responsibility and accountability that you and others hold you to. Those five letters serve as your guide to actual achievement.

Do you want to be one of those people that reflect back on their life with “what if’s?”

“Try” and “What If” are direct cousins in the family of procrastination and failure. Don’t join that family.

“Do” is the cure for both of those words.

Remember this, there is no “try,” there is only “Do” or “Don’t Do.”

I find nothing more disheartening than wasted opportunities and wasted talent. You were given the opportunity at life with the tools to succeed. Sure, sometimes, we need to smooth out the rough edges to get there, but I assure you, it will happen if YOU DECIDE it will happen.

I don’t understand the negative thoughts people have that you are destined for a life of hardships, failure, and bad luck just because you have had those experiences in the past. The beauty of life is that you get a NEW OPPORTUNITY to succeed each day that you wake up.

I challenge you for the next month to create an internal thought process so that every time you want to say “I’ll Try,” you substitute it with “I’ll Do.” When you do this, I assure you that new accomplishments will begin to occur. Bad habits of the success and goal killing word “procrastination” will start to dissipate as you gain new skills, knowledge, and confidence.

Successful people have habits that unsuccessful people are not willing to have. When your time spent on memories of days gone by outnumbers your aspirations and future goals, the end of hope is near.

Beliefs create actions

Actions create results

Results create beliefs

That is the circle. Positive or Negative. Successful or Unsuccessful.

The choice is yours.

Curt Fletcher, is the author of several books about increasing your likeability, selling homes, creating success, and improving your life. His goal is to help people gain confidence in their own abilities and maximize their full potential in creating success, wealth and happiness. To book Curt for a meeting, conference, or event, contact Curt Fletcher Success Strategies via email [] –

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