6 Steps To Better Decision Making

The decision-making process can be simplified by using the D.E.C.I.D.E. factor.

D – Make decisions based on your dreams

Over the course of years, I have tried many different things as business ventures because I lacked this decision-making technique. The first step is to write down your dreams. Think about what you dream to have, to be, or to do in life. Whenever a situation is presented to you, think about if it fits in your dream plan. If you dream of being a real estate developer, if at all possible, make decisions that will reflect that desire. Do not settle for jobs or ventures that will take you in an unrelated direction.

E – Make decisions based on your experience

As the old saying goes, “Experience is the best teacher.” Once you have experienced things, you should use those experiences to make better decisions. If you notice over time that a certain route to your favorite store is always congested with traffic and there are always accidents holding up traffic, it makes senses to decide on going another way. Our decisions, both simple and complex, should take into account our experiences.

C – Make decisions based on your conscience

Everyone has a conscience. It is that small voice inside of us that tells us what we are doing is right or wrong. As the bible speaks in the book of Romans, going against our conscience is sin. When we make our decisions based on the conscience, we will continue to do what is right.

I – Make decisions based on information

Many times, decisions must be made based on the information available to us. We see this at play in our legal system. The attorneys present their sides of the story with the information they feel would help their case. The jurors are to make a decision based on the information presented to them and not personal feelings. This same decision-making process is at work in parenting, coaching, teaching, and many more situations.

D – Make decisions based on direction

It’s important to know what direction you would like to go in. Having an idea of where you would like to go in life provides a means of making better decisions that would influence your direction in life. From the time children start grade school until they are adults, they have to decide whether they will get involved with the troubled crowd or the crowd who will seek to do what is right. If we desire to go the right direction in our lives, we must make decisions that will affect our lives in that way.

E – Make decisions based on evaluation

If you were to sit at an intersection for ten minutes each day for a month and observe car after car run the stop light it would indicate that this intersection is quite dangerous for pedestrians. Based on this evaluation of the surroundings, it would be ignorant to dash out into the street as the light is changing red because there is a great chance that a car will hit you. In our lives, we must make these evaluations in other areas and decide our courses of action accordingly.

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