10 Things Between You And A Successful Life

1. De- Clutter:

Set yourself free from the past by and cleaning up your mental and physical space. Get rid of the junk you no longer use and file away papers you need or trash the rest. Get closure on a project, a diet, an argument or commitment by dumping it, delegating it or doing it yourself.

2. Just for Today:

Today is a result of all the Today’s that came before it. By living today to the best of your ability, you will naturally set the stage for a successful tomorrow.

3. Prioritize:

Prioritize your “wants” above those things you feel you have to do, should do or feel obligated to do. Don’t trade off others expectations of you for what you want to do. Do what makes you feel good about yourself and about life.

4. Cheating yourself:

Pretending to yourself or others and telling lies to yourself is the worst form of disrespect. Take note of the ways in which you have been dishonest to yourself, and consider ways to change that. Resolve to not pretend if you are happy when in fact you are not. Decide to tell the truth about whether you can afford to do certain things others are doing. By doing so you will learn to trust yourself, respect yourself and love yourself more.

5. People pleasing:

Do you always say yes to others even when you actually want to say no. If you do, you be very unhappy and resentful about giving of your time, expertise or spirit to anyone who asks for it. Much freedom can be gained by learning to quietly set up and assert your boundaries.

6. Accepting LIFE on life’s Terms:

Ups and downs, crises and problems are a normal part of daily living. Accept this and make your life easier by being ready for unexpected turn of events. Simplify your tasks and get organized. Set up your schedules, routines and your a lifestyle in a way that can minimize the effects of unwelcome mishaps and in a way that supports how you want to live.

7. Being part of the Solution:

Complaining is passive, not active. Choose to be part of the solution and not to be part of the problem. Find answers and ask for help and support instead of complaining. Be a person that others go to for solutions and not someone who people run away from.

8. Be prepared:

Prepare for your future. If you do not have money, time or energy, you will make important decisions in your life based on the “lack of” rather than choices full of possibilities. This will lead to decisions that will cause you to make mistakes and miss out on opportunities. Start small, but start preparing now to fill up your reserves of funds, time and zest for life!

9. Acknowledge your Weaknesses:

Believe it or not by acknowledging your weaknesses, you will be on the road to success. You win supporters with honesty. People are more willing to help if you are upfront about your weak points. “I’m really not good at math; please let me know if I misunderstand what you are explaining to me.” “I’m not good with being punctual; please remind me a couple of hours before our meeting.” When you hide your weaknesses and then mess up, people are less willing to forgive.

10. Plan and stop “Wishful Thinking”:

START! Take action! If you just go through your days *wishing* that things would be better, the chances are they will never be better. Set your goals, create a plan, and get into action.

Kim Knight, The Coach Yourself to Greatness Coach, has helped a number of clients target their goals. The Personal Life Coach is not only a sought-after trusted and inspirational coach. She has also written EBooks for all those who want to help themselves or support others. There are many successful clients whose friends and family are amazed at finding out that someone else coached them on their overall transformation. For more information, visit Kim’s site at http://www.kimknightcoaching.com and sign up for up for her FREE Coaching Tips at http://www.coachtogreatness.com

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