Zero Mercy for Arsonists or Scam Artists – Governor Schwarznegger – We Will Hunt Them Down!

Governor Arnold Schwarznegger in true form stated that he will hunt down the Arsonists and any Scam Artists trying claiming to be collecting money for victims only to pocket it themselves. Finally, someone with a little back-bone, as Californian’s are mad as hell, after 1 million people were evacuated, 1 Billion Dollars in damages, 10 deaths and over 2,000 homes and 200 businesses destroyed.

Californians still have a tough road ahead, with poor quality air from smoke, power outrageous, water shortages from fighting the fires and landslides this winter. Arnold said:

“We will hunt down the people that are responsible for that”

And that is that, and that is exactly what Californian’s want to hear. Meanwhile there is a statewide manhunt for a few leads to find suspected arsonists. Some arsonists in smaller fires have been caught already and they will catch the rest.

Even before all the fires were contained there were people collecting money donations, who were not legitimate, they were scam artists, working to steal money off people’s good nature. One agency said this happens after every major disaster, the scam artists come out of the wood work to get rich and pocket the money.

Governor Arnold Swarznegger’s bold statement that justice will be done is exactly what people wish to hear after these fires. Arnold is a leader who speaks the language of the people and wants to get the job done. Once the Santa Ana Winds died down the fire fighters made great progress in containment and got a little help from the weather and now the evil doers will get a little assistance from the long-arm of the law!

L. Winslow is an Economic, Political and Technology Advisor to the Online Think Tank, a Futurist and retired entrepreneur Currently Mr. Winslow is planning a bicycle ride from Canada to Mexico and in Spring across the US from San Diego to Virginia Beach to raise money for charity. Previously he was a track star athlete, private pilot, involved in politics, community volunteerism and a Franchising Founder. Mr. Winslow has chosen 100 titles of Books he wishes to write and has completed ten thus far. The subjects include; Community Planning, Future Tech, Franchising, Small Business, and Third World Issues.

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