The Pro’s & Con’s Of Affiliate Marketing Programs

There are virtually unlimited amounts of affiliate marketing programs on the internet that are just begging for motivated individuals to promote them. Some of these programs are independant and work by themselves, while others may be part of an affiliate marketing network along with dozens or even hundreds of other companies. There are advantages and disadvantages of working with both types of companies. Let’s take a look at some pro’s and con’s of both.

Affiliate Marketing Networks
Some of these networks are huge and provide stability for affiliates. You can pretty much be guaranteed that you’ll be paid for your efforts by being part of a network, providing you take action and sell something. There have been issues with some networks not paying on time according to their terms of service though. This is something that you’ll have to play by ear and decide if the programs that you’re promoting through this network is worth getting paid late for.

You’ll also have the benefit of receiving one check for all of your efforts each pay period. This means that if you are promoting more than one program and the amount of sales that you made from each program by themselves during one pay period wasn’t enough to issue you a check, you can rest easy because the affiliate network combines all of your sales together and issues one check each month, as long as you meet the monthly minumum. This is usually between $25-$100.00.

Independent Marketing Companies
The Pro’s – Some of these are well hidden gems that may pay very well. In the competitive affiliate marketing arena you’re almost forced to find something that’s not being promoted by dozens or even hundreds of other affiliates. You can get that by finding one of these little known companies.

The Con’s – Sometimes you might get ripped off. Without the security of a network that guarantees you payment you may end up not getting paid for your efforts. This isn’t the norm, but it does happen sometimes so be on the lookout and make sure to do a bit of research on a company for bad reviews before you start promoting their product or service.

The Bottom line – Some people are very happy by just promoting through one network, while others like to diversify their efforts. Personally I like to diversify a bit just so all my eggs aren’t in one basket, however, the choice is up to you.

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