Build A Relationship With A Pen And Notepad

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Build A Relationship With A Pen And Notepad

Do you ever get an idea and push it off to the back of your mind? And, do you ever try to recall the idea you thought of previously and find out that you have forgotten what it was about? Well, I am sorry to say that you may have forgotten an idea that would have possibly made you a million dollars. That is if you have a tendency to think of money making ventures on a usual basis. I know I do. And, if that happened to me, I would surely be disappointed to figure out that someone who had a relatively similar idea is now sipping a margarita on a beach side somewhere in the Caribbean’s because of that particular idea.

Do you feel bad about not recalling your idea now? You should. That idea was possibly a lot of money to let go of. However, the only thing you can do about it now is change from you past mistake. I think the saying is, “what doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger.” It is a bit of a cliché but it will suffice. Therefore, the solution to fixing your past mistake of not remembering your million dollar idea is priority.

Carry around a pen and notepad with you wherever you go. Take those two life changing tools everywhere! You do not know how much I am stressing the importance of this action. Trust me and do what I say by putting this course of action to work. If one day you achieve the action of placing a pen and notepad in your pocket and finally make it a routine, you increase your odds of finding your financial dream. But, those odds can further increase in size.

Every time you have an idea, write it down. Do not be lazy and hold it off for later notation because you will once again be one with that bad habit. And if you decided to further that bad habit, I hope that you see a person with that same idea as yours making a ton of money. This is only because that occurrence will drive you to write down all your ideas into the notepad.

Last thing to mention is that you should put the ideas you have in your notepad to work. No idea will make you money if they are not put into a state of making money. Most of the time the conscious thought about making money will not make you money. I tried that right now and that truck full of money did not show up at my front door. Rats! Anyways, you have to actually sit down with your potential money making idea and see the steps it will take to reach your goal of collecting those royalty cheques.

Overall, without any ideas that can potentially make you money, there will be no money. If you have an army of ideas in that notepad of yours, you will probably have some extravagant future to look forward to. The more ideas you have to work with, the better your odds are of becoming rich. It makes logical sense. Think about it.

Carry around a pen and notepad with you wherever you go! And, when you become a millionaire send me a thank you letter. I would really appreciate it.

JScerry is a freelance writer and the founder of The Internet’s Library of Finance, (

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