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Prepare Your Brain to Manage Information Faster and Better

Hundreds of thousands of new books, analyst reports, scientific papers published every year. Millions of websites at our googletips. The flow of data, information and knowledge is growing exponentially, stretching the capacity of our not-so-evolved brains. We can complain all day that we cannot process ALL this flow. Now, let me ask, should we even [...]

Zero Mercy for Arsonists or Scam Artists – Governor Schwarznegger – We Will Hunt Them Down!

Governor Arnold Schwarznegger in true form stated that he will hunt down the Arsonists and any Scam Artists trying claiming to be collecting money for victims only to pocket it themselves. Finally, someone with a little back-bone, as Californian’s are mad as hell, after 1 million people were evacuated, 1 Billion Dollars in damages, 10 [...]