Wind Powered Generators – Some Faqs Answered

By: Jason Uvios

The nature has paid the price for extraordinary expansion of human civilization; the non-renewable energy resources of the world have been nearly exhausted. Now scientists all over the world are trying to work out a solution to make up the energy shortage that the human civilization is going to face in the coming years.

Among many other products under development, the scientists have invested great hopes in the potentials of wind powered electricity generators. This is a system that harnesses the power of the wind to produce usable energy.

So far you have never paid any heed to the winds that apparently lack any material value. But now the situation has changed the wind can be the solution of future, the answer to the concern over energy shortage in the future world. Just imagine, you do not have to foot the fat electric bills every month, instead just generate some electric power from the wind that is blowing overhead! No, it’s not a scene from science fiction. a wind power electric generator can actually make it possible for you.

No matter, what speed the wind is blowing-low or a high speed-the wind powered generator has the capacity to harness the wind-energy to produce electricity. In general, a wind powered generator requires 3mph to 150mph wind speed to start producing electricity.

It does not matter if you reside in an area where wind blows at a lower speed. Even then your wind powered generator will be able to produce enough energy to save you from paying any electricity bill. This becomes possible because your wind powered generator works all day round, even when you are not home. As a result, electricity is produced even when they are not utilized; thus there is always enough supply of electricity generated by the wind powered generator.

If you are living in a high wind speed area, you will have many occasions when there will be excess production of electricity. Most of the wind generators provide you the facility of storage. You can store the excess electricity for future use.

There is another way of utilizing this excess electricity produced by your wind powered generator; you can send the excess electricity to the grid meter in return of either a credit, or cash.

Wind powered generators are typically small in size. They are mounted on your rooftop. They are available in the forms of propeller or turbines.

A home wind electricity generator is made of a few simple components. The major component of the system is: a tower and a small wind turbine usually mounted on the tower. It also includes such parts as inverters, controllers, and/or batteries.

In order to take advantage of increased wind speed, you have to place the system higher. The higher it is positioned, the greater will be the output.

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