Why Download Audio Books Instead Of Reading?

By: James Allen

The fact is, if you’re an avid reader, audiobooks are format you should consider. Despite the fact that fans of physical books often are hard-pressed to switch to the audio format, there are plenty of good reasons to do so. In this article, we’ll look at some reasons you should at least start to download audio books and listen to them occasionally instead of just sticking with old fashioned paperbacks and hardcovers.

To start with, audio book downloads are a heck of lot more convenient than traditional book formats. For example, while a Steven King fan who enjoys keeping his horror collection close by would find it very difficult to travel with even a few novels in traditional format, the audio versions can all fit on a device as small as an ipod or other MP3 player. Steven King can go with this fan anywhere.

This is not the only point of convenience. Think of the time saved by downloading audio books. For traditional formats you either have to order online and then wait for the books to arrive by mail, or you have to take a trip to your nearest library or bookstore, walk around and bug the staff until you find the book, stand in line to pay for it, and then bring it all the way back home before you can crack it open and start reading.

With audiobooks on the other hand, you just click on your favorite online audio bookstore, type in the name of the book you want and complete the purchase. Moments later you downlod the digital file to your your ipod or other audio device and start listening right away.

The fact that you get to listen to your books with your just your ears, instead of reading them – which requires the attention of both your eyes and your hands – is another good reason to go with audio books. By freeing up your eyes and hands, you can still enjoy all the benefits of reading, but be able to preform other tasks at the same time. While someone who sticks with traditional book formats has to focus his full attention on the reading process, savvy folks who download and listen to audio books can also drive, bike, cook, play sports and take out the garbage at the same time.

One point that traditional book readers bring up is that the selection of traditional books is massive, while the selection of audiobooks is relatively small. That said though, if you search online you’ll soon discover that the amount of information and entertainment now available in audiobook format is much larger than any one person would ever have time to consume. There are download sites providing audio books on almost every topic available. From fiction titles including classics to the latest releases to up-to-date non-fiction titles for students and professionals in almost any imaginable field, there are countless audiobook titles to choose from.

Granted, there are some who will never give up the look, feel and experience of reading a traditional hardcover or paperback. But for those whose time is precious, deciding to download audio books to listen to allows them to multi-task, learn and get things done at the same time.

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