How To Get Audio Book MP3 Downloads

By: Eddie Lamb

Downloading audio book MP3′s is simple, the process is much like downloading anything else from the internet; the file needs to be saved to the subscribers computer, in MP3 format, and from that point can be saved to a CD (for personal use only) or directly to an MP3 player.

The fees for this sevice are usually purchased either for monthly fees or by purchasing pre-paid credits. The cost varies depending on the number of downloads per month (usually one to four); also the cost is generally higher than a rental club because downloads don’t have to be returned.

Clubs and Credits

There are benefits to both clubs and credits; clubs require a monthly fee, and limit the number of downloads per month the more downloads allowed generally the higher the fee will be. In addition to the selected monthly download some companies offer bonus weekly pre-chosen selections.

Credits are available through certain companies at a price of around ten dollars for each MP3 download and will often need to be pre-purchased by the dozen; for a person who travels a lot or has impaired vision, purchasing credits to download may be more economical then paying a monthly fee and supplementing their collection with additional purchased audio books.

MP3 Audio Book Downloads or Renting Audio Books

The style of reader/listener a person is will be the deciding factor as to which type of audio books a person should purchase; downloading MP3 audio books is essentially purchasing them as to renting which is just that renting the audio book.

If a person is uninterested in creating a collection of audio books renting is definitely the way to enjoy audio books; if a person is interested in forming a personal collection of audio books to enjoy over and over as often as they like, downloading MP3 audio books is the logical choice for that person.

Benefits of MP3 Audio Book Downloads

Downloading MP3 audio books is an economical alternative to joining a book of the month type club; MP3 audio books are also less expensive than purchasing a book on CD. MP3 audio book downloads are faster than renting as they may be downloaded from the internet there is no waiting for a selection to become available or for shipping times from the point of ordering. Audio book MP3 downloads are faster, easier, and a greater value than any other form of audio book.

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