Event Planning: Where to Position Inflatable Rentals For A More Exciting And More Profitable Event

By: Christine Harrell

You’ve seen it if you’ve attended any carnival, fair, festival, or community event that has inflatable rentals; kid after smiling kid waiting in line for an inflatable bouncer, slide, or other inflatable rentals while parents stand bored on the sidelines. Then, in a scene reminiscent of a county fair’s greased pig event, parents ready to move along unsuccessfully attempt to catch the child as he or she runs from the exit of the inflatable activity to the beginning of the line again.

Facts are facts; kids love inflatable games, slides, bouncers, and games. Just about all inflatable rentals are big hits with kids. It’s also a fact that parents don’t want to walk away from their child at an event, but quickly grow bored of standing around waiting for their child as they travel through the inflatable rental line again and again. The last thing any event planner wants is to see anyone standing around bored. If parents are bored, they want to leave. If kids are bored, this causes frustration with parents. The solution? Design your event in activity “clusters” so that the entire family can have fun simultaneously.

Give parents something to do nearby while kids are enjoying their time on an inflatable rental. For example, positioning booths and vendors that are of interest to parents near the inflatable rentals is a good way to keep them occupied and encourages shopping. In fact, spots next to inflatable rentals can easily fetch premium rent fees from vendors.

All too often, inflatable rentals are grouped together, away from the booths and activities that are of interest to parents. I visited a community event a few weeks ago where inflatable rentals were set up in a field along with a pony ride and a DJ. I could see the booths and the vendors far across the lot on a main strip. Bored to pieces, I would have gladly spent a great deal of time looking, and probably a great deal of money shopping, had any of those vendors been close to the inflatable rentals.

At the same event, it wasn’t uncommon to see adults browsing through the booths while kids were fidgeted and tugged at their sleeves trying to get them to head over to an inflatable rental. With bored kids, parents didn’t have the opportunity to browse and shop the way they might have if they felt more relaxed.

A better idea would have been to weave the inflatable rentals and the booths together. Placing several 6-10 booths and vendors around one of the inflatable rentals gives adults more than ample time to browse. When parents are ready to move along, the anticipation of a different inflatable rental lying ahead mean kids have activities to look forward to all day.

The next time you’re planning an event, consider a layout that keeps both kids and parents happy. Having inflatable rentals is a given to entertain kids, but positioning them in the right places mean that kids, parents, and vendors can have an enjoyable experience.

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