Benefits of Using a Dedicated Server

By: George Wood

Shared web hosting may seem like an inexpensive hosting option, but they are very limiting. Have you ever considered using a dedicated server? The benefits to using a dedicated server are many. After reading this, you may want to switch your web hosting to a dedicated server.

The performance of a dedicated server is far superior to that of shared hosting. This is due in large part to the fact that you are not sharing your processor power, memory, or disk space with other sites using the same server. Since you dont have to worry about the server being slowed down, overrun with traffic, or crashed by another site, a dedicated server is more reliable than a shared server.

You will feel a lot more secure with a dedicated server than a shared server. No one else will have access to your server and you can be positive that you are secure. If you ever need to install some special software or need to configure your server to your needs, then a dedicated server will give you that option.

With a dedicated server, you can run your own custom firewall. This will enable you to enforce your own control policy that will only allow people you want to be able to access it. Something else you get with a dedicated server that you dont get with a shared server is your own IP address. You wont have to share it with anyone else.

If the need arises, you can always add more memory, disk space, or extra processors. With shared servers, you cant do this. Dedicated servers also allow you to have a Service Level Agreement. With all of these benefits, how can you not want a dedicated server?

It may seem too expensive to host your websites on a dedicated server, but when you compare it to shared hosting, the end result is worth it. With your own dedicated server, you can be assured of having a more reliable and stable server. You wont have to worry so much about overload, bad codes and scripts from other users, and too many applications being uploaded.

You will only install the software and applications that you need and want to use on a dedicated server. This lessens your dependency on web hosts and bypasses the time delays and expenses accrued from them. You can supply instant support to your clients whenever they need it. This is a vital part of any successful business. If you provide reliable service to your clients, then they are going to be loyal and give you good word of mouth promotion. This will help your business continue to grow, and that is the ultimate goal.

You will have 24 hour access to your dedicated server, and this will allow you to adjust, correct, or update anything you need to in mere minutes. You wont have to worry about visitors leaving your site because it wouldnt load fast enough or wasnt available. If your website is able to download quickly and is always available, then the visitor will be encouraged to use your services and come back if they need you again. This will be good for your overall image and will make the customers want to refer you to all of their friends.

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