An Approach To The Drug Addict Patient

By: Jason Uvios

The handling of the drug dependant patient takes lot of combined effort on the part of patient, medical personnel, society and parents. All of them together have to strive for the well being of the person involved.

The approach is not only to dissuade the patient from further addiction but also to give him a stand in society. Ask yourself whether you can take an HIV infected drug addict as a colleague or life partner. They are still treated as lepers in our society and struggle to make a place for themselves. Our contribution should be to address such many issues which are prevalent in society. The toll of drug addiction and its related problem is on the rise and should be curtailed at the earliest.

How to Seek Self Help

1. This is the most important aspect of treatment. If you have been addicted out of fantasy and want to take the steps back, do not worry for the desire to be de-addicted itself is a positive approach.

2. With the internet at our disposal the world has shrunk. Use it to seek medical help and select the best rehabilitation centre.

3. Initially it might be difficult to cope up with the treatment or you may be physically dependant on the drugs hence there is tendency to go back to old addictive behavior.

4. People who are addicted to prescribed drug should contact the physician and try to take an antagonist drug to counter the effect of drug. Initially it may take lot of time and patience as the dose has to be properly moderated. Try to help the medical personnel in his effort.

Help From the Family, Friend and Society

A major contributory role is played by the family, colleague and society.

1. Learn that prevention of drug addiction is important than cure.

2. Make children understand that they are loved by giving them a heeding ear. Usually neglect on the part of divorced or working couple, make the child feel unloved and uncared.

3. Try to handle delicate situation like lying and stealing with care. Reprimand and mal handling always hurt the emotion even in adults making them to develop self sympathy and animosity towards you.

4. If our dear one has been addicted try to give psychological help and seek rehabilitative measure.

5. Many drug substances produce loss of memory, hallucination and depression which requires sessions of treatment. Learn to spend maximum time with the patient instead of losing patience.

Drug addiction is more than a disease so lend your hand for the uplift of the abusers.

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