A Variety Of Options For Listening To Your Audio Books

By: Eddie Lamb

The beauty with audio books is that you have more than one option for listening to them. For those of us who like to be given lots of options for doing certain things instead of being forced to adapt to just one choice, you definitely have lots of options for listening to your audio book.

If you are someone who likes listening while seated on your favorite couch or seated on your desk, listening to your audio book on your cassette tape player (if the audio book is in audiocassette format, of course) is the option for you.

But if you have a desktop or laptop computer, you might prefer listening to your audio book from here.

Most PCs have Digital Audio Players for playing audio books. If your PC doesn’t have any (very unlikely), you can still download them completely free on the Internet. The 2 best digital audio players that you can download free from the Internet include:

RealOne Player: It can be downloaded from their website:- Real.com

Windows Media Player: It can also be downloaded from their website:- Microsoft.com

But if you would rather listen to your audio book while doing your household chores, dancing, exercising, jogging, commuting to and from work, etc, then you would need portable audio playback devices that you can carry around and listen to, preferably with earphones.

With the ever expanding market of portable audio playback devices, it goes to show that more and more people are now using them, because of the wonderful benefits they provide.

The most common form of these portable audio playback devices are the normal audio CD players or CD-ROM devices. You can carry these around with you while you do your household chores, exercise, jog or commute to and from work.

The more advanced form of these portable audio playback devices for playing audio books, especially those for listening to downloadable audio books, include:

– Audio-ready PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants). Some of these PDAs include Casio CASSIOPEIA and Compaq iPAQ. Both can be pretty expensive, costing as much as about $500 for the Compaq iPAQ and about $400 for the Casio CASSIOPEIA.

– Compatible Portable Audio Players. Some of these include the Creative’s NOMAD Jukebox 3 and the SONICblue’s Rio 900. These are cheaper than PDAs. For example, you can get the SONICblue’s Rio 900 for about $250 from sites such as Sonicblue.com

– iPods and MP3 Players. iPod and MP3 player manufacturers didn’t plan their products solely for audio books, but for music. But these days many people have embraced these players for listening to audio books. The fact that they can carry around their players, instead of listening to audio books on the PCs make the players very popular.

Finally, like I said at the start of this article, whatever tool you decide to use in listening to your audio books will depend largely on “how” you prefer listening to your audio books.

For example, for the “young and restless” teenagers they can’t do without the PDAs, iPods and MP3 Players. I bet you wouldn’t too if you were their age, right? But for the “aged and rusty” who just prefer the ease of being seated on their favorite couch, nothing can be better than listening to their favorite audio books from their “good old” cassette tape or CD player!

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