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In a multinational setting, business starters always find it hard to budget their money in advertising and promoting their firm. It is quite a task that when there is not enough money, the company suffers poorly in terms of getting the right image to their target clients. In this situation, the question always falls to whether it is advisable to have a PR in the company or hire a PR consultant offshore. Also, in this context, the line of confusion plays between the difference of advertising and PR: Are they the same? Or not at all? All these dillemna is insurmountable that before getting into the corporate arena of doing real business with people, the company plunges down, and eventually closes.

In order to prevent this, there are some tips (based on the articles “Does outsourcing PR jobs really work?” and “Ad value to get your PR noticed”) to know about before spending all that money. Isn’t it good to know that your money is spent wisely? Be knowledgeable. Here are some know-how in doing things right:


For small time businesses, money is crucial. If you come to think of it, budgeting is really hard. However, the thing to remember here is don’t get excited to whatever success a PR or advertising firm has already achieved. Usually, when a PR or advertising firm already has a lot of achievements, then, expect that upon hiring them, you could get bankrupt. They could, however, built a good name for your company. But, think too that building a name is not just your concern. There are also a lot of important matters that need the company’s capital.

Actually, a company could have both PR and advertising without spending too much. In PR’s functions, advertising is already one of them. PR already has globalized itself that it could also advertise. Now, the problem is, how to get the right PR? Getting the right PR posts a question of whether it is advisable to have a company’s own PR firm, or hire a PR consultant offshore.

Well, offshore PR is much cheaper for in establishing an own PR would also mean dealing with the employees’ salaries, the office rent, and all miscellaneous fees like electricity and water. However, do not be alarmed that getting a cheaper PR consultant through outsourcing will do poorly in advertising and promotions. That is a wrong logic. Thus, dismiss the thought of it.


Landing on the right kind of PR offshore is done by investigating the experiences of the firm in the industry of communication. A well-established PR firm is the right choice for the job. Check the background first before discussing any contract.


Another good thing about hiring PR offshore is getting the right words a company should be hearing. A PR inside the company could only get bias answers and the ideas only circle around positive comments.


Know more on the PR firm you are about to hire. Check out all its clients: existing clients and former clients; and also the media people it has worked on. This will enable you to be more familiar with the firm. Thus, also, establishing trust to them as professionals.


Discuss fully to your PR consultant whatever plans you have with regards to building a name for your company. Here, specifics should be mentioned already. For example, what message are you trying to convey? What are your company’s goals? Who are your target clients?


With regards to the above statement, set a deadline to all your plans. This will easily help you see the activities already achieved, and the activities that you are about to achieved.


Listen to any suggestions of your PR consultant. Ask his opinion about your plans. This will further enhance your goals of achieving the right name for your company. Remember, two heads are better than one.


Being a PR consultant to a very young company (or in this case, a starting company), is a very hard task. Be patient enough in waiting for any results. It will come eventually. Do not be so idealistic about anything. Success is achieved in time. It is only practical to wait for it.


Do not let your PR consultant exaggerate the company’s name. Media people do not like it that way. Instead, just let the PR firm do a press release for you on useful information that will benefit many readers. This will eventually lead to getting your name established.

About the author:

Mary Ann Carolyn “Mean” Dalangin-Tordecilla has a natural passion for writing. Since childhood, she spent most of her quiet times writing poetry and short novels. This hobby led her to pursue a writing course in college. During her university years, she has been a Dean’s Lister and has reaped several special awards. These awards include: Best Student Advocacy Award of the Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA) of 2003 in the student-group-made commercial titled Beinte Cinco; and Top Ten Notable Thesis in Journalism in her thesis work titled, A Study on the Violence in Disney’s Film Adaptations of the Grimms’ Tales and its Effect on the Anxiety Level of Children. She also became an active member in various university groups, specifically the media and politics. By 2005, she graduated at the University of Santo Tomas with a degree of AB Journalism.

Aside from being a full-time writer, she also loves beauty and the arts. She appreciates the works of the Impressionist artist Monet and loves to paint landscapes and seascapes. She also loves to do photography of people, where the theme centers on the spirit of realism. Aside from that she simply enjoys life and hangs out mostly on the dance floor or by the beach.

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