The Advantages Of Small Reports

By: Allan Wilson

There are many ways you can create and generate profits from search engine optimization to using your mailing list to retain visitors and traffic once they’ve been converted to subscribers. In this article, The Advantages Of Small Reports – we will highlight the various ways you can use mini reports to create additional traffic.

Mini reports – the pros: simple, fast to create and of higher perceived value than articles, by bundling any report, white paper or collection of articles in PDF format or other distributable file type, will automatically increase their perceived value. This means that people will more than likely take their time to read it, rather than just discarding it. Once they’ve read it, they are also more likely to tell others about it, if the information is viable and strikes a chord with them.

Another attractive point of mini reports is that they are small enough to read, on average, in a single sitting and in less than an hour in some cases. Which leads to faster responses, due to people digesting and making decisions faster. This means faster overall sales or sign ups which is significant if you’re trying to build a list or make money in a hurry.

Alongside this mini reports are deeply viral. Rather than undertake a serious promotional run yourself, you can simply offer it to others, for free, and they’ll promote it for you, giving you the chance to spread the word. An under 20 page report to a receptive audience can cause a traffic boom.

In short, the positive aspects of mini reports are that they are perceived to be of a higher value than their counterparts and they are incredibly easy, when picked up and used right you can use them to get traffic, subscribers and potential future sales.

Hiring ghostwriters

Ghostwriters are a great option when you’ve got multiple projects on, or you simply don’t enjoy writing much. You can simply give them an outline, notes, or a complete template to your hired ghostwriter or ghostwriters, and then await your finished product. It may need light editing to get it to a ‘perfect’ state, but professional ghostwriters, though possibly expensive, can add another professional element to your projects.

Before you hire a ghostwriter or ghostwriters, you’ll need to find some sites to submit your briefs to, and gather bids or find a ghostwriter that’s worked with someone you trust. Word of mouth recommendations are infinitely less risky, but without knowing that a book is actually ghost written, you may never actually find out which books are ghost written, which makes gathering recommendations for ghostwriters tricky.

The other method of gathering bids on sites, requires that you use freelance bidding sites, such as,, or You’ll need to have a detailed and open project outline to submit to these sites, giving details of what you need, and what time frame you have. These sites allow you to set a budget, but one problem you may encounter is that not every freelancer you hire through these sites are particularly professional or will stick to their bids.

Such issues range from uppping the cost of their bid, to using ‘borrowed’ content, or plagurising from other sources, or even reselling your project to others. So you’ll need to make it explicitly clear what you expect of your freelance ghostwriters.

Its a good idea to take advantage of any escrow service these sites use, or find another site that offers this service as most freelancing sites also offer a ratings system, where you can check your prospective freelancers ratings and past work quality which may also give you the opportunity to choose between bids.

Hiring ghostwriters to create mini reports is relatively straightforward, as long as you take care to lay out your goals and needs clearly.

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