Never thought that would happen!

Christmas to me will always be the best time of the year

Even if spent alone I guess

And isolated up here

Well it Christmas eve once again

And there’s no one to share it with neither family nor friends

Here sits a big old tree bare naked pine tree

All these bright lights surround the house with glee

Gadgets and gadgets on the front lawn

To an unknowing eye this is something to see

But to me it’s a way of covering up the fact that im lonely

I did once believe in Santa and his reindeer Rudolph too

He did once,

He and his reindeer make my wishes come true

I’d give anything just to feel, that Christmas spirit I once had

Running down those big stairs

And falling into the arms of mom and dad

Seeing the smiles on their faces

When they open up their gifts,

And the kisses,

How could I forget the kisses from nana’s sweet lips,

But the dinner was the best,

So many guests,

All the Christmas carols being sung,

Kisses under the missal toes that were hung,

Now I walk my new hallways

And hear echo of old laughter,

No more Christmas stories,

Or goodnight kisses after,

I turn of every light in this empty house and scurry up the stairs,

Hoping the sooner I get to sleep,

The sooner this feeling of emptiness will leave,

But when I get to my bedroom I saw something you wouldn’t believe,

A shooting star flew right across my window,

Since ive grown up I don’t believe in that type of stuff you know,

But oh well I gave it a chance

a little wish I may, wish I might,

Then turned my lamp of and called it a night,

The next morning I awoke feeling the same no change,

So I figured it’s not worth getting up,

So in bed I laid,

Then I heard a little rustle down the stairs,

So I jumped out of be and yelled WHO’S THERE!

I heard nothing so headed down the stairs,

Now somehow my tree had gotten tampered with,

It had lights, shimmery stuff and bulbs all over it,

It had the most beautiful star at the top that I had ever seen,

There was food at the table and missal toes I could not believe,

Was this really happening to me?

But before I could pinch myself the doorbell rings,

I open the door and to my surprise,

It was so overwhelming it brought tears to my eyes,

It’s the family,

I quickly got over this weird feeling and let go to have some fun,

We laughed joked told stories then dinner begun,

Im feeling so complete and loved all over

Now that I’ve felt this,

This feeling shall never again perish,

I will hold it in my heart and it shall forever be cherished,

We headed for the living room to open up the presents,

There was one in particular that caught my eye,

It was small blue and red,

It read to me from you,

Then whole family turned to me and then my mother spoke

“I love seeing this smile on your face

I love seeing you able to cope,

I love hearing your laughter again

I wish this moment in time would never end

But I can’t pretend im here to stay

We all wish you a happy Christmas day

Do us all a favor love and remember this day

As we do you and believe in your heart that dreams do come true.”

Then all of a sudden i hear this annoying sound,

Like beep beep beep BEEP BEEP BEEP,

It got louder and louder,

Then I jumped up and opened my eyes,

Was that all a dream?

Then I remembered the present that read from I to You,

I ran downstairs to see if it was still there,

That would make this dream really true,

There was nothing there so I came back upstairs,

And next to my bed wow!

The present sat there,

I opened it up and inside there was a locket that read,

“Whenever you feel you don’t remember, open this locket and you’ll feel December”

Inside the locket was a photo of me when I was 9 opening up a present under a Christmas tree,

Then I finally realized,

Parents don’t just come back alive,

The shooting star came through,

I wished to know the feeling of Christmas love so true,

and I received it in that dream,

I fell back in my bed feeling pleased and began laughing,

Out of all the things in this world,

Never thought that would happen!

About the author:

Deanna c.Howie

Article provided by: Free Website Content

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