Iggy Piggy

There once was a little piggy

His name was Iggy

He liked to wiggle

so his body would jiggle

Iggy had a friend named Cher

Who was a cuddly bear

All day long they would play

By the barn they rolled in the hay

Iggy sure loved to eat

His favorite snack was anything sweet

The great white circle soon filled the sky

So Cher and Iggy said goodbye

In their bed each one lay

Tired from all the fun they had this day

Good night Cher. Good night Iggy.

Sweet dreams cuddly bear. Sweet dreams little piggy.

Copyright 2005 Jason Andrew Martin LLC

About the author:

Jason A. Martin is a Journalism major, copywriter, entrepreneur and has over a decade of successful Internet business experience. His informational articles can be found at JasonAMartin.com. He owns Marketing company, MarketJunction.com, which specializes in copywriting & copyediting, article writing & editing and search engine optimization & marketing.

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