How Protests Fuels Democracy

The Word Democracy come from a Greek word and is literally translated as rule by the people, and that is how the American government works, by the people for the people. The people elect our leaders in regularly held elections for every job from Town Mayer all the way to the President.

Politicians tell us during their campaign for office what they are going to try to accomplish during their term of office, but often the politicians are unable to make everything they said happen, or they do something that negatively effects millions of Americans.

An example of this would be the Unlawful Internet gambling Ban, brought up for a vote by Jim Leach the republican Congressmen who introduced the bill to congress and attached it to a bill about port security.

The bill made it illegal for banks to transfer money to any account for the purpose of covering bets or for the paying of innings made gambling online. This affected millions of online gamblers in the United States and during the midterm elections in November the people protested this move by voting him and most of the other Congressmen and Senators who voted the bill into law.

He helped pass a law that the people found very unpopular, many people came out to vote just to throw his and anyone else who voted for this bill out of office. These people were protesting to the government their dislike of this law.

In the Viet Nam War Anti war Protests were held across the country on a daily basis, and these protests put such pressure on the government that they did eventually end the war because of it.

Now in the age of technology protest has never been easier, there are many Angry online gamblers who have online petitions and Message Boards dedicated to people complaining and organizing protests “to reverse this unfair and unjust law” as it is put on one such site.

They are using all means at their disposal to not only let the government know they are displeased, but they are also bringing in a many new people as they can to make their voice herd louder.

Politicians know that they can not go against the general public opinion because if they go against the majority they become unemployed, and no politician wants that, so if you can get a large enough group of people to rally to your cause you can get the government to do what you the people feel is the right thing.

Remember one person can make a difference; it takes one person to pull the voting lever, it take one person to make a website and it only takes one ambitious person with a cause to take a stand and start talking to people, if the cause is important enough in the harts of Americans it wont take long before you protest is herd by the government and if you say it loud enough they will listen, they have to, they work for us.

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Chris Pickett was well on his way to be one of the greatest Online Poker players, before the Online Casino ban in the United States. Now he writes articles to help fuel protest over an unjust law.

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