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In todays Denmark where the film and television industries is in its prime period many new media production companies are coming up and competing against each other over the corporate sector of Denmark which is always looking for competitive rates from the media production companies. Major corporate houses are always in requirement of companies for promotion of there products through television ads and short films. But as the corporate market is very big and there is lots of money involved in it all the media production firms are overlooking the average danish citizen who also requires media related services in his or her day to day life. But fortunately there are some production houses which not only cater to the corporate sector of Denmark but also offer there services to the average joe of Denmark who also demand professional quality videos for there day to day celebrations.

One such Denmark based video production company is Per Sommer Videoproduktion, Yes it is video production with a “k” this is how we spell it in Danish. Per Sommer Videoproduktion is a 20 years old video production and editing studio with an experience of making more then 800 video and DVD productions about Danish professional and private sector under its belt. After so many productions Per Sommer has gained major experience in the field of video movies , ad films and short films which has helped them in creating a wide network of clients in every sector of Denmark. Besides that, They have produced films for games, role play, music videos, advertisements and special occasions video. Company has a lot of experience in video editing and in directing short films.

Per Sommer is major authority figure in teaching in the field of video production. The classes cover all the aspects of the field including lighting, film editing and special effects. Keeping up with the present scenario company delivers all of the video production on DVD media for sharp crystal clear images of excellent quality. Company also provides video recording, CD-DVD duplication and editing in professional broadcast quality which is equivalent to TV2 channel a Denmark based TV Channel known for its excellent picture quality in the whole world. Video production company has a vast array of lights and lighting equipments which are used by us as per the customers requirements.

Per Sommer uses diverse copying machinery like stand alone DVD recorders and duplicators and quality media like DVD and WMF . Our clients include all the major Danish companies like Radiometer, Novo Nordisk, AOF Denmark, Lorea’l, Unicon Beton,Rias, Danica Forsikring and government organizations like the postal department of Denmark. For a complete list of our references and details regarding our work please visit our website. We also provide a free demo video through our website which showcases all the projects undertaken by us, just give us a call and we will send you the video free of charge. You can also mail us any of your queries on the address mentioned at the site.

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Author is a leading authority in the field of film and video production and has an expereince of 20 years in the field with more then 800 productions for various government and private institutions. Check out his work at Videoregistrering

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