Preselling your visitors to buy your affiliate products

Preselling is something that can make a person extremely rich on the internet, or if done wrong, they could not make a cent. So what is preselling? Preselling is the ability to effectively turn your reader into a buyer of a recommended product or service that you earn a commission from, or even sell yourself. Basically it is the complete opposite of a sales letter, and much more effective too.

A sales letter is something that turns people off, because they know you are just trying to push something onto them that they really don’t want, but if you provide them with the information they want and then recommend a product, you will have many more people buy from you. This is important because you will make more money of course, but also it kind of ensures that the customer will not ask for a refund, plus if it truly is a great product or service, then word of mouth will increase your sales also.

Anybody can effectively presell, they just have to know how, and that is where it gets hard. The first rule to preselling is building content, and this is actually also a major factor for your website to even get any traffic at all. With good quality content that is related to your products or services, you will be able to drive people from the search engines to your pages that are actually looking for what you are selling!

This is an internet entrepreneurs dream because if you could get thousands of people to your site a day that actually wants to buy, then it is safe to say you wouldn’t have to worry about money for a long time. Related content helps you do this because people are searching for what you are talking about, and will find your page because of what you wrote, through the search engines.

Now of course this can be done the wrong way too by talking about something that is completely unrelated to your product. For example, let’s say you are talking about baseball players, the different legends and all that stuff, but you are recommending a carpet cleaning product that you earn commission from. That wouldn’t make any since to a visitor, nor will it to the search engines. So you will not make any sales plus you won’t be getting that good FREE search engine traffic that bring you people looking for what you are selling.

But if you were talking about baseball players and recommended some posters of the legends, clothing, cards, tickets and some other baseball products that you can earn a commission from, then you will make your visitor and the search engines happy, which means you will make more sales and be getting more visitors.

The next most important thing to remember about preselling is to maximize your click through rate. Also known as CTR, your click through rate is the amount of visitors click on your affiliate link to go too your affiliate merchant’s website and buy a product or service from them, which means you make money. Obviously the more people that click on your affiliate links, the more money you will make, but only if you followed the other important step I talked about above, which was writing good related content.

So how can you get people to click on your affiliate links, while still keeping them in the buying mood? Simple, just weave it into your content and make it a text link. Most people are still stuck on the banner ads era that infested the web, and think banner ads work. Well they do somewhat, but not like a text link does. Let me give you an example pretending you are your websites visitor.

Say you are reading an article about cars, and when you start to read about seat covering, and get to a part that says “cleaning your seat”, but it is a link, wouldn’t you click on it if you wanted to know how to clean your car seats? Then it will take you to your affiliate merchant which sells seat cover cleaner. That is a great way of preselling, and is actually the key to many peoples success online.

Please take those two golden preselling rules into consideration, and you will increase your click through rates and maximize your profits.

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