Pex Plumbing Supplies

Pex Plumbing Supplies include the parts that might be needed to install a plumbing system. These parts include chemicals, faucets, valves, and many more.

Hercules Chemicals including Block, Furnace Cement, Pro Dope, Soldering Paste, Boiler Liquid, Grit Cloth, Root Destroyer, TFE Tape. Boiler liquids used for Seals and repairs cracks and leaks in stem and hot water systems. This liquid formula will not clog hot water coils, controls, valves, or vents. They form a tough seal that expands and contracts with heat.

Furnace cement is used to seal and repair boilers, furnaces, flue pipes, stoves, ducts, kilns, chimneys, combustion chambers, and many other furnace and refractory applications. Unique patented clean’n friendly formula meets OSHA’s requirement of less than 0.1% of crystalline silica content.

Grit cloth is used for cleaning and preparing copper pipe and fittings for soldering. Can be used in wet environments, and is easily cleaned with water for continual use. Made with resin-bonded 180-grit aluminum oxide for a sharper cutting face, both sides are equally effective in cleaning pipes. It’s non-clogging and long lasting packaged in a dispensing box.

Our Faucet line includes kitchen and bathroom faucets from Delta. Delta is the world’s leading faucet manufacturer. Our PEX plumbing Systems, PEX pipe, Grease Traps, PEX Tubing are in high demand as more and more homeowners realize the problems with copper and CPVC and the advantages of our range. As Zurn PEX Radiant Heat Systems are growing in popularity. PEX tubing is poised to compete with copper Lightweight, tough, and flexible, PEX tubing is ideal for sub-slab jobs and messy retrofits.

PEX Plumbing is the future of the plumbing industry. PEX Plumbing involves PEX tubing, PEX fittings, PEX manifolds or Plumbing Manifolds, and the PEX Tools that accompany these parts.

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