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Often new website owners ask me how to get traffic to their new creation. Many new owners have been known to stare at their computer in an attempt to will visitors to their website. The Internet is evolving every second of every day and with each passing moment it becomes more difficult to establish a new website—or does it? By following these easy steps, you will be well on your way to establishing your new website.

Step One: Preparation

Before going out to proclaim the glory that is your website, first make sure that it is in tip top shape. Was your website carefully and professionally setup? It is vital that your copy, that is the text on your website, be written well. Studies have shown that the average Internet visitor is getting more sophisticated and expects features like proper use of the English language (or whatever language you are using). Fail in this area and you will lose business plain and simple.

Now that your copy is humming, how is your search engine optimization? Did you at least look into some basics? Search Engine Optimization is the act of making your website search engine friendly and more likely to appear under the keyword phrases that appeal to your targeted audience. While it can be a very complex process, at the very least your pages should be generally search engine friendly and contain some of the keywords your target audience will be interested in. Once these two items are at least satisfactory, you are ready for the next step.

Step Two: Links

Your website needs links. Today, even a simple link exchange can be complicated. Many website owners don’t want to reciprocate links with a new website. So how can you advance if you can’t get links? Thankfully there are alternative solutions. When you are first starting out don’t spend too much time trying to find websites to link with. Work on establishing yourself first.

The best way to gain links to your website in bunches is by providing content to other websites, also known as: Promotional Articles. By doing so, you are giving other website owners something of value. The end result is your new website receives many one-way links from other websites with ease. The new Internet world revolves around content. Website owners from around the world are just waiting for free content from people like you.

Your article needs to be written well to succeed. Simply throwing words down on paper is not good enough. The better your article is written, the more it will appeal to website owners. In the end, this equates to more worldwide coverage, which is what you want. Not a writer? No problem. You can visit and have promotional articles professionally crafted for you. Simply slap your name on them and away you go. There is an editing service as well in case you are a decent writer, but require an editor to polish up your work.

Step Three: Promotional Articles & Repetition

If possible, you want to release at least a few promotional articles. Also spacing is important. If you think three articles will be all you can release for now, don’t release them all at once. Promotional Articles can be very fast acting. The time really depends on the market the article is geared towards and how well it is written. I have seen my articles end up on other websites within hours of release.

Once released, the search engines will begin to pick up the fact that your article is on other indexed websites. When this happens, your back links go up. This can continue for quite some time. The process of releasing your promotional article to the world is quite simple. At my website,, there is an article all about how to do this.

Step Four: Further Linking

Once you have allowed some time after step three, your website will begin to take hold. Now is a good time to seek out some solid links on other websites. Stick to websites that are either on the same topic or related. For example, if you owned a website that sold cheese, receiving a link from a website that sold motor oil would not be beneficial. However, receiving a link from a website about cheese or wine would.

As time permits, seek out smaller websites in your field and see if they sell advertising on their front page for a small fee. For example, one night I found a website that was set up decently in the search engines and on topic of a website of mine. This website offered a homepage text link for $2 per week. I not only received a nice link to help my search engine status, but a possibility for highly targeted traffic as well. The Internet is full of on-topic websites for you to locate and profit from.

That’s a Wrap

By following this plan, you can significantly increase the staying power of your website. It really is not that complicated when you do things properly. Is there more you ask? Sure. You can purchase traffic from trusted PPC sources for one. Some of these other techniques are discussed in other articles, which are all available at Once you master the art of opening a website properly, you will want to open up many more.

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