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Computer mouse… which one is good? Which one is bad? Which one is right for me? Optical mouse, laser mouse, touchpad mouse, Bluetooth wireless mouse, travel mouse, ergonomic mouse. Which one do I buy? Today we’ll spend a little time explaining what kind of mouse might fit you.

The selection is endless. The prices are varied from about 10$-100$. The features are confusing but if well used (most of them) are useless nonetheless. In the mousing industry there are two big players; Microsoft and Logitech. The too are arguably evenly matched when it comes to quality. However with most things people are picking sides (ex. Skiing/snowboarding). However the Microsoft mouse just seems to be lacking a little in production value in comparison to the Logitech mice. For the same price the Microsoft mouse will give you less quality.

For those travelers/road warriors out there, who don’t like the mess of cords and are sick of touch pads. Both of these companies have developed wireless, small, portable, (uncomfortable but practical) mice that will give you what you need for about 40 bones. They usually call them “notebook” mice. These mice are, just like I said, very small; most people prefer to have large mice that fill their hands with ergonomic goodness. So, to most, these mice will be a little bit of a nuisance.

The cordless revolution doesn’t stop there. Bluetooth and other wireless technology combine with Logitech and Microsoft to make high-end PC wireless mice.

These are high quality, high design, and (can be) high priced. The high end models go for as much as 99$ and the cheaper ones for 50$. To some the price is very worth it… with working distances up to 10 meters these mice are perfect for presentations and across the hall internet surfing. For gamers these mice pose some problems. With a slight reaction delay and lack in sensitivity the precision needed for FPS and other games is a little less than desired. For gamers, since they play on their home pc’s more often than not, a more practical approach would be to buy a more proven mouse with no glitches, no batteries, and high sensitivity. A high quality laser mouse would prove very useful. In fact Logitech specifically manufactures “game grade” mice like the Logitech G5 Laser Mouse, and Razer’s Copperhead. These have extremely customizable sensitivity, customizable weight and are made for gaming, very cool.

Many mice are made with strange ergonomic design, designed to reduce carpal tunnel syndrome and reduce hand stress injuries to those who spend a little time at the office. Things like the tall and sideways Evoluent Vertical Mouse 2 for example show an untraditional form, with some design flaws thrown into the mix. On the Microsoft mouse side of things nothing too unordinary but I see an overall quality to the design of Microsoft mice. Logitech continues to flex its creative muscle with innovative and good mice. Logitech is the leader in the market today and if your looking for a lock in the mouse business… Logitech is the way to go.

Other types of screen surfing and/or pointing at stuff are primarily touch pads… using your fingers to navigate the pointer on the screen. Using static energy between your finger and the pad, a touchpad simulates relative movement on the screen. This technology was new, and now is getting more useful and glitch-free. However me and many others could agree that using the traditional mouse is more comfortable and convenient. The touchpad mouse could gain ground sometime, many cubicle dwellers buy touch-pad based keyboards for their pc (not laptop) because they prefer the touch-pad. Who knows? Maybe the touch-pad will dominate the mouse market of the future, except for games. Look into it people.

Mice are fun. I didn’t realize this until I just started researching them. Being consciously ignorant is a lot better than not knowing that you don’t know.

Peace out!

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Jesse Smith is a Client Account Specialist for 10x Marketing: At Cirque you can find many innovative touch pads and touch pad mice. Using Glidetouch technology find how technology becomes more convenient in your hands. Click on these links for more information:, Ergonomic mouse.

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