Can mobiles replace iPods?

iPod is a brand that represents media players, specially designed for consumers to be able to listen to music, whenever they want to and wherever they are. In short, these are portable music players, endorsed in to the market by Apple computer.

Cell phone is a technologically advanced device that allows you to communicate with your loved ones whenever you want and wherever you are. Both iPod and cell phone are portable devices and enjoy huge popularity among millions of people, across the globe.

Since, both these modern portable devices serve different purposes to mankind; it is difficult to say that cell phone can replace iPods.

Critics believe that with the introduction of cell phones with music and other music related facility, these cell phones have the capacity to replace iPods. These critics believe that music enabled cell phones would bring a revolution in the music industry and in future, iPods would lose their fan following.

However, it is also believed that this would take a long time and the shift from iPods to music enabled cell phones is not as easy and quick as it seems to some critics. Most people, these days, find it extremely hard to find a mobile phone that can replace their iPod. In fact, they are unable to find the quality of music in most recent cell phones that iPods can offer. Most music enabled cell phones are not able to offer better sound quality and loudness.

It is not wrong that there are cell phones like Nokia N-Series, Sony Ericsson Walkman phones and Moto Razr V3i, but these cell phones are extremely costly.

These cell phones also do not offer the PC integration quality that most iPods do. Once cell phones that can be easily integrated to PC with better sound quality are introduced, it may be possible that cell phones can replace iPods.

However, this still seems to be a far fetched goal. Today, people love to flaunt their iPods as they are simply great, when it comes to listening to quality music. iPods can be played as mp3 files, utilized as a back up drive, keep schedules and contact numbers. The only draw back her is that you cannot utilize these cell phones to talk to someone. For this purpose, you need to reach out to your cell phone.

This clearly indicates that cell phones and an iPods are equally important to mankind as they serve different purposes.

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