Boosting Affiliate Income

All too often affiliates adapt a sort of passive business strategy. Perhaps that’s because affiliate don’t technically own much of anything or perhaps it’s just because they get used to having a company handles everything and pay them. To make more money as an affiliate there are a couple things you can do. These are active steps to building a business. Rather than simply checking stats daily hoping for another click, sale or whatever, these steps will help you grow as an actual business.

Step One: Newsletter

No matter what you are an affiliate of, there’s always a way to spin a newsletter. Rather than letting your traffic run through you like water, put up some dams and try to hold users. Your traffic is valuable and you should be trying to hold visitors long term. Create a newsletter and work to get subscribers. This not only builds value for your overall business, it gives you a way to promote over and over. I’m not saying create a Spamletter, but an actual newsletter that has value.

For instance, let’s say you are promoting a Stock Market oriented product. Develop out a newsletter that offers financial news and tips. Make it juicy and create a can’t-refuse style of sales pitch to get subscribers.

Step Two: Develop a valuable information site

Let’s stick with our Stock Market oriented product we are pushing. Rather than being passive and trying to get push traffic through a simple stale site, try building an informative resource. I’m not talking about simply throwing up pointless pages of poorly written content—even if they are on topic. I’m talking about creating a valuable resource that will hold visitors and get others in the sector to link to you. It’s all about working smarter not harder.

Step Three: Stop being an affiliate

If you want to make the big money, you need to have your won product. This doesn’t need to be an all or nothing affair. Simply look for a product you can create. Perhaps you are an affiliate for a Stock Market product and come up with an idea for a great product for the nutrition market. You can do both. The important thing is that you work to become the owner of a product or products and not simply remain an affiliate for the rest of your Internet business life.

Try out these three tips and see how you progress over time.

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